Hi, I’m Govind.

tl;dr - Resume

I am currently working with Goldman Sachs. I work with the AIMS team within GS Asset Management , as a strategist. My work involves writing a lot of fancy code in GS’s own language as well as some Typescript. In my spare time you can find me losing at board games to my friends or suffering through a quiz conducted by KQA

In a previous life, I was a masters student at IIT Kanpur’s Computer Science department. You can read more about it in my Acad’s page.

Even before that, I worked with the Imaging and Computer Vision team at Siemens Research, Bangalore I was both a summer intern (in ’14), as well as a full time employee from May ’15 to April ’16. I worked under the supervision of Dr. Amit Kale, on work ranging from implementing an internal machine learning library, an internal organ detection framework, and proposing a variant of a popular graph deformation based vertebral segmentation method in CT images. My mentors there included Parmeet Bhatia, Dr. Uday Kurkure and Prabhu Teja.

I completed my undergraduate studies in 2015, graduating with a BTech from IIT Kanpur, majoring in Aerospace Engineering. During my brief stay for the duration of my BTP, I was affiliated with the Spectral Lab where I worked under the supervision of Prof. T.K. Sengupta. I worked on porting codes used for CFD simulations to CUDA based implementations, and analyzing performance gains.

If you wish to contact me, mail me, or drop me a message on Facebook. Of late, I have also begun using Twitter and LinkedIn